December 21st, 2004
Many months have passed without a major update, but we have not been lazy and have done a cover-version of the song "From The Cradle To The Grave" which will be released on the Rage-Tribute "Back In Time" in 2005. For more infos regarding this compilation – featuring also other bands from Austria – visit the website, the song will be available for download soon.
 July 29th, 2004
Pictures from the concert at Kaltenbach Open Air 2004 are up, as well two new interviews in the Press section.
 June 21st, 2004
Tickets for the Kaltenbach Open Air 2004 are available now, the price is 44€ for two days and 32€ for one day, to order simply get in touch via the Contact section.
 May 22nd, 2004
Some pictures from our last concert are online, as well some images from the "Destination: Infinity" session and a bunch of new reviews.
 April 21th, 2004
A collection of new "Destination: Infinity" reviews is online.
 March 24th, 2004
Some new interviews and gallery images are online, furthermore new concerts are confirmed, visit the Live column for detailed information.
 February 2nd, 2004
The release of "Destination: Infinity" will delay a little bit and is now definitely set for the 23rd of February.

Coming up soon are new interviews and gallery pictures, plus some more stuff, so check back in time for more content on our website.
 December 20th, 2003
Some small updates on the site, containing new mp3s, concert dates and the first "Destination: Infinity" review, printed in the german magazine Legacy.

Further on we are searching for a suitable live drummer because Moritz lacks of time, if you are interested contact us, people from Vienna or Salzburg preferred.
 November 29th, 2003
We sadly had to cancel the concert in Rosenheim, the other parts of this update contain new material in the press section and some new Winamp skins in the various category.
 November 14th, 2003
We have finally signed a record deal with the german label Black Attakk/Neon Knights, our debut "Destination: Infinity" will most likely be released in late January 2004. More infos and updates coming soon, meanwhile visit the labelīs website at!
 November 4th, 2003
Due to the Pungent Stench concert on the 29th of November, the Austrian Black Metal Force 3 event has been postponed once again.
The new date is set for April 2004, more infos should be available around February.
 October 26th, 2003
The date of the Austrian Black Metal Force 3 has been postponed to the 29th of November, if you need tickets feel free to contact us. The second part of this update includes our first concert in Germany, more details in the Live category.
 August 30th, 2003
Our first concert was an instant success, thanks to everybody who watched our show and especially Lukas Lindenberger for helping out behind the drums. If you want to see some live-impressions, visit the Gallery section or simply click here.
 July 7th, 2003
Two new reviews of our demo are online, furthermore the lyrics of "Destination: Infinity" are up, to read them click here.

Note: There are only a few Metalfest tickets left, so grab your ticket fast and write a mail to!
 May 9th, 2003
Our debut CD is finally mixed and mastered, an edit version of the song "The Eternal Slumber" can be accessed directly via the Multimedia column.

Other updates contain an additional german biography and one new "Astronomica" review. By the way: Sternenstaub is featured as "Band of the month" in Nocturnal Hall magazine, have a look at!
 April 25th, 2003
Tickets for the Metalfest Vienna 2003 are available now, 33 € for one day and 59 € for two days, view the Live category for details and order your ticket now!

The old desktop images are gone, replaced by an "Astronomica" image which is waiting for your download, to get this file click here.
 April 4th, 2003
The songs of our debut "Destination: Infinity" are already recorded, but due to some delays the final mix has not taken place yet. We hope to finish the studio sessions soon, the result will be worth waiting for.

We will perform at the Metalfest Vienna 2003 on Saturday at 16:40, see the Live section for more details, tickets (we donīt have any yet) can be ordered from us soon!
 February 22th, 2003
Our first gig is confirmed, we will perform live on stage at the Metalfest Vienna, tickets can be ordered from us soon.
Meanwhile have a look at to see the details
and billing of this festival.
 February 17th, 2003
Things are delaying a little bit because Stefan is currently very busy with his second band GOLDEN DAWN, the new album "Masquerade" will be released on February 24th via Napalm Records.
Risk your eyes and ears, visit for more info!
 December 12th, 2002
Ideas are taking shapes...
The recording sessions for our debut "Destination: Infinity" will start next week, the chosen location will be "Mirror Productions Studio" in Innsbruck/Austria, we expect everything to be done around February.

Further on the line-up was extended, Karim E. Kienzle (guitars) and Moritz Neuner (drums, already known from his involvements in Abigor, Darkwell, KorovaKill, and many more) are now full-time members of Sternenstaub, have a look at the new members section.
 November 23rd, 2002
The first Sternenstaub interview can be read in the press column.
 October 13th, 2002
Our virtual galaxy has been relaunched, updates and changes have taken place in various sections.
Meanwhile the songs of "Destination: Infinity" are taking concrete shapes, more infos coming up soon.

If you want to change the design of this site, click the metamorphosis links below.
 September 6th, 2002
Some first reviews are online, right now available only in German.
 July 20th, 2002
Some small updates were done in the sections Contact, Gallery and Releases.
 July 8th, 2002
We are looking forward to publish some songs as a Demo-CD in the near future; intended for promotional use, "Astronomica" will feature 4 tracks which show Sternenstaub in a more black metal vein than originally expected.
Visit the Multimedia column to download the songs.
 June 27th, 2002
A small update of the biography and new banners are online.
 June 19th, 2002
"Destination: Infinity" will be a concept album, some excerpts can be read in the Lyrics section now.
 June 6th, 2002
I welcome Stefan Traunmüller (perhaps already known to you of Golden Dawn fame) as a new member, from now on he will participate in the work of Sternenstaub.

More Updates (mp3 files, lyrics) are going to follow shortly, the only thing to be revealed is that the songs will take a stronger black metal edge than originally expected.
 June 7th, 2002
Finally also the last sub-category of the Various section is online, including the first Winamp skin.
 April 24th, 2002
Two new desktop images are obtainable for download now.
 March 19th, 2002
The counter is up und running (displaying the hits since May 8th, 2001).
 March 17th, 2002
A new section is available, entitled Various. In the future you will find such stuff like desktop-images and winamp-skins there; right now you can play two games, have a look.
 February 14th, 2002
The new Galaxy Alpha - design is online, if you wish to view the Omega Version, you can switch right here.
 February 2nd, 2002
No major updates in the recent past, but as you might have already noticed, a new version with a different design is online. I just wanted another version which can be viewed at every screen resolution, Galaxy Alpha will also face some design improvements in the future.
 November 29th, 2001
Due to the fact that the guestbook was temporarily not available, I decided to use a new one (without ad banners), which is online now. If you wish to view the old entries, click right here.

Further on I established a newsletter, if you want to be informed about major updates and news, send a mail containing your e-mail address to
 November 25th, 2001
J-R-L left STERNENSTAUB due to lack of time and personal reasons, I wish him good luck for the future. So I will continue on alone, things will delay once again but perhaps Iīm going to start recording in the near future, the songs are more or less rather finished. Let´s see, time will tell...
 September 17th, 2001
The fantastic painter Mr. Zdzislav Beksinski gave us the kind permission to use one of his pictures. The result of our work on the cover image of "Destination: Infinity" can be viewed in the releases section.
 September 7th, 2001
As it is mentioned in the releases category, we are looking forward to release our debut entitled "Destination: Infinity" this year. Anyway, things might delay because we are searching for a session room where we can rework and record our songs, so it might still need some time.
 September 6th, 2001
Some photos were added to the gallery.
 September 5th, 2001
Another two advance versions of our songs can now be downloaded in the multimedia column.
 September 2nd, 2001
The members section was completed with the photos.
 August 31st, 2001
Once again the design was improved, J-R-L started with the work on a flash version of this site.
And there will be some more mp3 samples available in the near future, as well some photos will be added.
 July 19th, 2001
Links section updated.
 May 7th, 2001
This site appears in a new design. But still some sections have not been finished yet - we are working hard to accomplish the missing parts.
 April 22nd, 2001
Biography section updated, J-R-L joined STERNENSTAUB, further on this site will appear in a new design soon.
 April 4th, 2001
Finally this site is up, I'm trying to improve it step by step, but due to several reasons it may last long until it's finished completely, so just give me time...

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