Everything started somewhen in 1997, Bernd Grünwald slowly began learning how to compose and step by step a project was shaping up. At first he didnīt know how it should sound, because he felt influenced by two kinds of music that somehow donīt match: Classical Music and Black Metal. So he had to decide at first which way things should go, not that simple, but finally Bernd wanted to create a symbiosis of those styles, without knowing how the result would sound.

So everything took its form, he had to rename the project several times but finally decided to call it STERNENSTAUB which means the german translation of the word "stardust". This name fits very well to the concept which reflects the endless dephts of space and the lyrics also deal about the cold void of the universe and its content.

During the past years the songs slowly took shape, they often got rearranged but after a while Bernd got more and more satisfied with the results. But in his opinion they still sounded some kind of one-sided, so the search began for a person who could breathe new life into music. In June 2002 a person was found who showed interest to participate in STERNENSTAUB, his name is Stefan Traunmüller and might be known to some of you from his activities with GOLDEN DAWN and other side projects. Then everything went rather quick: Stefan tried to remix some of the songs, and the result sounded that powerful that Bernd decided to strengthen the Black Metal edge in STERNENSTAUB, now the Dark Wave part is inferior to the guitars and drums, but the songs still have a kind of trademark which is typical for STERNENSTAUB.

The first result of this cooperation was the "Astronomica" demo which featured 4 songs in the "symphonic black metal" vein and was also an excerpt from the debut CD. The intention of this release was to promote the name STERNENSTAUB in some magazines, and it indeed received various good reviews and led to first positive international feedback.

In December 2002 Karim E. Kienzle (GOLDEN DAWN) joined in, gifted with guitar skills, and the line-up was completed with Moritz Neuner (ABIGOR, DARKWELL, KOROVAKILL, and many more) on drums.

The next important step was the record deal with the german label Black Attakk in November 2003, the release of "Destination: Infinity" took place on the 23rd of February 2004, and the album received many positive reviews in various magazines so far.

The songs are inspired by gazing at the stars and the philosophical aspect that we are all made of stardust. This concept says that everything on Earth consists of stardust, aeons ago when the universe took its form stars were born and faded away again. Their remains were clouds of dust, which solidified and built new solar systems. So this concept shows that all materia on this planet has the same origin - life will arise from dust and crumble to dust again - a fact which unites the existence of life in its various ways like a central thread.

STERNENSTAUB is a fulltime band, NO Abigor or Golden Dawn side-project!

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